Kind words from

Exceptional Families

My son has autism and severe ADHD. When we met Laura, he was so sensory seeking and his speech was so scripted that it was difficult to go anywhere or do anything spontaneously. Our quality of life suffered on a daily basis. Laura literally assessed every new behavior issue he developed and created comprehensive solutions that addressed why my son was engaging in each behavior and how we could teach him more functional ways to have his needs met. She listened, she worked strange hours when needed, she went to the events that we knew would trigger behavior, and she designed each and every piece of his program for him.

Laura trained us on how to work with our son in ways that made life better for the entire family. He would not be the child he is today if it were not for her.

She helped us learn how help our son connect to his world and ours in meaningful ways. We would recommend her to anyone in need of behavior modification programs that are informed, personalized, and well grounded in current research.

~ Kathleen, parent

I am writing this letter to speak to the incredible working relationship my son Antonio and I have with Michele Slowik and Laura Jastrzebski. These relationships have definitely had a great impact on Antonio’s growth toward independence, and my understanding of Autism and how the various teaching and education models they have implemented continue to help Antonio achieve a better quality of life.

The individualized attention, guidance, and understanding that Michele and Laura have given Antonio has been invaluable. I truly believe Antonio would not be the young man he is today if it had not been for the care these women have shown both he and our family.

The work they have done extends well past the clinical care of just Antonio. They helped to educate and care for our entire family. They have developed and promoted a team approach to Antonio’s care and education that has paid dividends in his development. Antonio is currently working two part time jobs that give him great enjoyment. Michele and Laura have come into our home and observed Antonio’s interaction within the family dynamic. After watching this interaction they developed and implemented a teaching and interaction plan. Within two weeks after implementing their suggested changes Antonio was on a schedule which has helped to carry him through each day completely self-sufficient. Again, I cannot express just how Important both Michele and Laura have been to Antonio’s development. We have truly been blessed to have them in our lives.

~ Samaro, parent

Exceptional Connections has been instrumental in impacting our son’s behavior in school. Based on Laura’s classroom observations and communication with us and his teacher a behavior plan was created. The plan provided a detailed observation analysis and approach on how to improve his motivation to remain attentive and focus in school. It’s working! We are so grateful and relieved to finally receive some positive feedback from his teacher.

~ Antoinette, parent

We initially worked with Michele when our son was having some behavioral challenges in preschool. Michele was incredible! It was so reassuring to have her expertise and support during a time when we had concerns about our son’s behavior.

Michele quickly identified the issues and developed an appropriate plan that the teachers implemented at school. She was extremely helpful in developing strategies that we implemented at home as well. We saw such an amazing and dramatic improvement so quickly!

She was always available and promptly responded to any questions or concerns we had. I received very positive feedback from all the teachers Michele worked with at our son’s school as well. They appreciated having her extra support and guidance in the classroom. I cannot thank Michele enough for all that she has done for us. It is three years later, and our son loves school and is the most well behaved child in his classroom. I would recommend Michele without reservation.

~ Roseanne, parent